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Kauai Coffee Wainiha Hydro Facility
Kauai Coffee Company, McBryde Resources, Inc., Alexander & Baldwin
Wainiha Valley
4 MW
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The Kauai Coffee Company (McBryde Resources) seeks to minimize the environmental impacts from its 3,100 acre coffee farm through the use of drip irrigation, non-pesticide pest control, and on-site renewable energy from its two hydroelectric plants: this 1 megawatt (MW) facility in Kalaheo and its 4 MW facility in Wainiha Valley. The Wainiha plant is located on the Wainiha River in Wainiha Valley and was originally constructed by the McBryde Sugar Company in 1906 to provide power to McBryde's sugar and molasses agribusiness operations. The 100+ year-old facility was overhauled in 2009 with upgrades and two new General Electric 2 megawatt (MW) generators with a combined capacity of 4 MW. Kauai Coffee/McBryde owns and operates the hydropower units and generates all of its own electricity - powering its factory, visitor center, and offices in Numila - with the excess renewable energy delivered to the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative at a tiered rate structure through January 2033 under an amended power purchase arrangement approved by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission in September 2012. The average fiscal year 2018 energy price for this facility was $0.2010/kilowatt-hour. KIUC estimates Kauai Coffee/McBryde's hydropower facilities collectively provide nearly 5% of Kauai's renewable energy portfolio.