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Kaheawa Wind Power II
TerraForm Power, Younicos (previously SunEdison/First Wind)
21 MW + 10 MW BESS
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Kaheawa Wind Power (KWP II) adds 21 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy and battery storage to the existing 30 MW Kaheawa Wind Power I wind farm (KWP I), which has been operating above Maalaea since 2006. Originally built by First Wind on land leased from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources similar to KWP I, KWP II is currently owned by TerraForm Power. KWP II became operational in 2012 and features fourteen (14) 1.5 MW turbines and a 10 MW battery-based energy storage system manufactured by Younicos and installed in 2018. The new advance Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries replace the previsou lead-acid batteries originally installed by Xtreme Power and will provide a significantly higher usable energy capacity potential, decrease project curtailment, and increase the operational lifetime of the system. Maui Electric Company (MECO) purchases power from this facility under contract at $0.20767/kilowatt-hour (average fiscal year 2018 price) through July 2032. KWP I and II have capacity to provide 10-15% of Maui's electricity needs or enough to power 20,000 homes. In 2018, the three major wind farms on Maui provided just over 23% of Maui's overall energy needs. In August 2019, the US Fish and Wildlife Service published a Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement to permit the increase in incidental takes by the project of the Hawaiian hoary bat (38 total takes) and the Hawaiian goose (44 total takes) through 2032. To mitigate harm to these species, the project plans to implement additional operational controls for its turbines (curtailment) when higher rates of take have occurred, fund for predator controls at Piiholo Ranch or Haleakala Ranch, and fund species research on Hawaii island in partnership with the US Geologial Survery.