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Project Name:
Pakini Nui (Tawhiri) Wind
Tawhiri Power, Apollo Energy Corp.
Ka Lae (South Point)
20.5 MW
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Project Status:
The Pakini Nui (Tawhiri) Wind project began generating electricity in March 2007. Developed by Tawhiri Power, LLC, the wind farm consists of fourteen 1.5 megawatt (MW) wind turbines on 79.42 acres that produce close to 21 MW of electricity, which is estimated to be enough to power 10,000 homes. The Pakini Nui Wind project estimates it has reduced the number of oil barrels burned each year for energy by 160,000. Power from this wind farm is purcchased by Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) at $0.1180/kilowatt-hour (on peak) or $0.1120/kilowatt-hour (off peak) (average fiscal year 2018 price) through April 2027 under a minimum 20-year power purchase agreement approved by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission in March 2005. In 2018, Hawaii island's two existing wind farms generated approximately 14% of the island's energy needs and comprised 32% of Hawaii island's renewable energy generation portfolio for that year. In 2016, Tawhiri Power began seeking approval of a new Habitat Conservation Plan for this facility, but has not yet obtained an Incidental Take Permit. In August 2019, the US Fish and Wildlife Service published a Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement to permit the incidental takes by the project of the Hawaiian hoary bat (26 total takes), Hawaiian petrel (3 total takes), and Hawaiian goose (3 total takes) over an eight (8) year term. To mitigate harm to these protected species, the project plans to implement additional operational controls for its turbines (curtailment) when higher rates of take have occurred, restore species habitats at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and fund for predator controls on Mauna Loa and Piihonua, and the preservation and restoration of species habitats.