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Wave Energy Test Site (WETS)
US Navy, US Marine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe), US Dept. of Energy, University of Hawaii, Sea Engineering
Kaneohe Bay
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The US Navy, in partnership with the US Marine Corps, US Department of Energy (DOE), University of Hawaii - Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center (UH), Sound & Sea Technology, and local contractors Sea Engineering and Healy Tibbitts Builders have deployed the deep-water Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) berth for testing wave energy conversion (WEC) devices in waters approximately 200-260 feet deep, approximately 6,500-8,200 feet offshore of the Mokapu Peninsula, Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay. With the WETS infrastructure secured in place, various WEC units will be connected and tested for one year or more. According to reports, the WETS is the first grid-connected wave test facility in the US for commercial-scale WECs. Data from the wave buoys connected to the WETS will be collected and analyzed by the US Navy, US DOE, and UH. Partner WEC device developers currently include Fred Olsen Ltd., Columbia Power Technologies, Northwest Energy Innovations (Azura), and Ocean Energy of Ireland, which announced it would be connecting its 850-ton 1.25 megawatt capacity OE 35 Buoy built by Vigor to WETS in late 2019 or early 2020. The $12M project is part-funded by the US Department of Energy and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.