About the Renewable Energy Projects Directory

Hawaii is blessed with a diverse portfolio of indigenous energy resources including wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel and biomass, recovered waste materials, ocean energy, and hydropower that can be used to meet its aggressive renewable energy goals.

To help gauge our progress, the Renewable Energy Projects Directory identifies and provides information on many existing and proposed renewable energy projects throughout the State. The Directory is periodically updated by the Hawaii State Energy Office (HSEO) and tracks the projects’ progress through the development stages; from initial proposal to project completion or discontinuation. Project types are listed as:

  • Existing / Operational – includes projects that are fully constructed and/or undergoing testing prior to commission, and operational projects that produce energy or biofuel; or,
  • Proposed / Under Development – includes projects that are undergoing facility siting, permitting, and/or off-take approval, and projects that are currently under construction.

Projects listed in the Directory are based on public evidence demonstrating a project’s progress in key areas of development including site control, permitting, interconnection, power or fuel off-take, and construction. Information on individual projects can be found in publicly available sources such as, but not limited to, regulatory agency filings and notices, meeting minutes, media publications, financial filings, landowner records, legislative materials, company communications, and other outlets. To the extent available, official sources of information (e.g., public records, filings, or notices) are used to update the project information. Reasonable assumptions concerning a project’s status may be made based on the information available. HSEO reserves the right to list projects on the Directory that warrant listing due to a projects’ innovation, uniqueness, and/or alignment with state priority initiatives (e.g., food security, waste management, electrical grid stability, critical infrastructure). Projects may be removed from the Directory if no new information concerning project status is available after a reasonable duration (e.g., two years).

The Directory is not a complete list of all proposed and existing renewable energy projects in Hawaii. It does not include smaller solar/photovoltaic installations under 500 kilowatts (kW), such as those under net-energy metering, self-supply, grid-supply, or feed-in tariff (FIT) interconnection programs, nor does it include any projects currently in the FIT queue. In addition, projects subject to an open or ongoing competitive solicitation may not be listed due to outstanding project uncertainty. Some projects may not be listed simply because little or no public information has been made available. Not all projects on the Directory will be developed and become operational for a variety of reasons. Some project announcements may be premature or unfounded, and many proposed projects are discontinued for a variety of reasons. As the Directory is based on publicly available information, HSEO cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of all information. In certain cases, attempts have been made by HSEO to verify information that has been publicly reported. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to contact individual project developers for the most accurate and current project information.

The Directory does not represent an endorsement of any specific project or company by the Hawaii State Energy Office or the State of Hawaii.

HSEO strives to provide the most accurate information on each project and encourages users to send project updates and/or corrections to energyoffice@dbedt.hawaii.gov.